Month: January 2018

Mindy Speaks

Don’t Curse the Snow!

Many people complain about snow, not realizing the benefits it contains. It serves many purposes. One is it purifies the air. Many people get sick in the winter and germs spread like wildfire. A good snowfall cleans the air and helps rid these germs. Snow also has many benefits to natures. You can find out more information from this article published by the University of Delaware (healthy snowfall) and a scripture that has been broken down backing the same information here.

However, I want to talk to you briefly about Not Cursing the Snow! Some many people complain, get upset, lose their marbles, and all kinds of silliness because it snowed. However, people fail to realize that snow is something God has called blessed. The reason He calls it blessed is because over and over again, we see in the word that it is associated with being pure. Purity and holiness go hand in hand so if something is pure then it is holy, and if it is holy then it is blessed. Yet so many times in life, people want to take what God has made good, what God has redeemed, what He has restored, and curse it! Just like we tell children to watch their mouth, some of you need to do the same and stop cursing that which God has blessed. It could be yourself, another person, a children, or something as simple as snow. But I promise, if you change the way you talk, things will change in your life.