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meandpeeweeThe Butler Foundation was founded by Mindy & her brother Everett.  In 2005 they lost their mother due to being a victim of murder.  In an effort to honor their mother they will be giving a yearly scholarship in her name.  As the foundation grows other scholarships will be added.  The application process is now opened for our scholarship given in our mother’s honor “Shannon D. Butler. Applications due by April 1, 2016.  Please click the link for the application and right click it to save.  If you would like to donation or be a sponsor please contact us at community@mindyabutler.com!

Our mom was a victim of domestic violence that cost her life. We are seeking to do our part to help save someone else’s and to help those cope that may have lost a parent like we have.


It may not be your story but its more real then you know! Consider making a donation. Remember what “If You Were in My Shoes.”                                                                                   

CLICK HERE for:   Shannon D. Butler Scholarship      

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in Strike Out Domestic Violence on October 17, 2015. Your presence made a difference.  

dv2 flyer3  

Do you remember Shannon? Join us for our Memorial Fundraiser

I Remember Shannon2


Email Us at: community@mindyabutler.com



Everyone who attended the concert expressed that they enjoyed it!  A little something for everyone!

We would like to thank all of the businesses who have contributed to our foundation:

  • Summit Peak & Tees
  • The Vine
  • Selection Entertainment
  • Cupz Pastry
  • Marie’s Total Image
  • Asheboro Dental Care
  • Lakisha D Management
  • Amanda’s Salon & Tanning
  • The Liberty Leader
  • Tiffany Blu Music
  • Damsel in Distress
  • Mary Kay  
  • Total Life Changes  
  • It Works 

Mindy & Everett both thank you for your support! There has been several personal contributions as well and we are thankful for each donation.


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