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Business Services

Marketing Services

We offer marketing plans, action plans, and interviews for artists, companies and public figures.

Business Consulting

We offer author coaching were we assist individuals in formatting their book(s), review for editing, establishing an outline, determining a target audience and developing a plan in becoming published.

We recently added a  Legal Service that will help protect you, your family and your business. It covers major and minor legal services from speeding tickets, to Wills, to matters in court and everythinbetween. Click under the logo for more information. 





Contact me at 336-252-8872 for any questions


Project Management – Contact for details

Standard consulting fee: $50 per hour – packages are available.

Personal Assistant 

  • Manage and maintain your schedule
  • Check your email and respond accordingly
  • Provide consulting in various projects
  • Attend events
  • Submit reports
  • Research
  • Make phone calls
  • Please inquire for other services

Music Services

Measure – Basic services were we provide artist with initial artist profile to assist in crafting their imagine.

Includes: Photo shoot, bio, and 2 hours of consultation that provides advice and resources of initial steps to take to begin to gain exposure.

Accompany – One step up from the “Measure” option.  It provides those services plus an accompanying music video to a single they wish to release.

Baroque – This is a more detailed service that includes more visual arts. In addition to what’s offered in the “Measure” option the artist will also get a video shoot, and a press kit will be put together to send to companies, stations, and magazines.

Expressionism – This is an all inclusive package for artist including management services.  They will get an initial package that includes: a single recorded, photo shoot, a video shoot, a press kit, assistance in crafting an image to make the artist marketable and management services where the artist feelings a personality is effectively expressed.

Other Music Services

Song Writing for Various Genre’s

Single and Album Reviews



Everything mentioned in the packages can be priced out separately.


  • Music:  Gospel, Inspirational, R&B, Soul, Love – concerts, events, management.
  • Movies: Family (Movies with a message)
  • Community Events – coordination and hosting
  • Balls – Coordination
  • Banquets – Coordination and hosting
  • We offer custom made packages that are all inclusive for any event to fit any price range.
  • ***We also do wedding coordination and receptions****                                            

Workshops and Seminars


The Power of Music Ministry * The Difference Between Praise & Worship * Setting Yourself Apart

Life & Business

Defining Your Destiny * Determining Your D.R.E.A.M. * Team Building * Time Management


Woman in the Mirror * Behind Every Diva

Pillow & Socks


Let’s Talk About Sex * Holiness in Singleness * Evangelism 101 * Increasing Your Visibility for Churches * Church Growth through Evangelist * Leadership * Vision Casting

We accept other engagements also. Please contact us to inquire.

Fundraising Packages 

We offer custom made packages with the products below for to raise the capital you need to support the your group or organization.


MABE main email  – mabe@mindyabutler.com 


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