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Thoughts on Kelly Price’s “It’s Your Time”

Kelly Price


I finally listened to Kelly Price’s latest song this morning “It’s My Time.” This song is the perfect example of Christians ministering through secular music. Now, I know some of you are thinking how is that possible while others think anyone not using their gifts inside the four walls of the church is being exploited by the devil. First, let me say just because we may not hear of what our Christian brothers and sisters are doing who have secular careers that put them in the public’s eye does not mean they are not lifting God up and using their gifts in the church also or having a positive impact on other’s life. On the flip side, everyone preaching the Gospel and choosing to be some sort of Christian artist does not automatically make them saved.

Now back to the song! This song is basically a personal declaration of faith to achieve what’s inside of her.  It appeals people from all walks of life & can be viewed as a gospel or secular song. In the first verse it says “Time has come now to refill it….I’ve been waiting for a long time…I gotta do it….I won’t let nothing hold me down…Gotta do it….‘Cause I might not get another chance….I believe it….That I want it, I can have it….I believe it.” Not only is Kelly declaring this in her own life but it’s been spoken into the lives of all that listen/hear the song. The Great Commission tells us to “go into all nations….teaching them to observe WHATSOEVER He’s commanded us.” God’s not is not mentioned in this song but what the Word teaches us is all up in it. The word preach literally means to proclaim. Looks like that’s what is taking place in this song and so many other songs sung by Christians who choose to sing secular music.

On a sidenote, may God strengthen Kelly & her family during this time as they mourn the loss of her sister Sakina Price.

 “It’s My Time….. I’ve been waiting for a long time”

Until next time….

Dr. Mindy


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  • Its past my time the lyrics jump out at me.i must get in step n position myself to move foreard in the things of God.