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Today I Can

Because I Believe It’s Possible2

I woke up this morning frustrated. I had argued with someone in my sleep and the thing that got me was they questioned my character. The conclusion was drawn not based in who I am but the history they have with someone else. The reality is people do this to us in life all the time. They use their past experiences and assume the future ones will be the same. However, what they don’t realize is in order to get a different result THEY must do something differently.

So I decided to get my mind, get out of bed and start my grind for today. Although it was “just a dream” the truth is different situations will cause people to act differently even if they know within their heart they’re wrong people rather blame someone else instead of taking responsibility.

I made a decision and that decision is TODAY I CAN! Despite the situation around me, despite who says what, despite how I feel, and despite what I see with my natural eyes. Today I Can because I’m able to do whatever I set my mind to do because Christ gives me strength to do it. In fact, God is a partner is my labor and nothing else matters as long and the Father, Son & Holy Ghost are working on my behalf.

I know so many people have the Monday blues. However, each day is precious and time can never be relived. Choose to put your hurt feelings and poor excuses to the side and declare TODAY I CAN!!!!


Dr. Mindy

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