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To Love or Lust


Unfortunately we live in a world driven by lust in our eyes instead of love in our hearts. The youth of today think fashion and beauty is wearing skin tight revealing clothes when it’s actually sending a message they may not intend to send. Seems likes everything is sexually based and love, real love has become pre-historic; however, it does still exist.

I often think of children and how their love is pure. They know when someone loves them just like you know when a child loves you. My nephews, Godchildren, and adopted nieces and nephews all know I love them from our interactions. I greet them with excitement, hugs and smiles. I care, nurture and share my food (that’s real love) with them. Spending time with them is delightful and warms my heart! In the same sense, the bond between those seeking a relationship with each other should be genuine and although I don’t be love is a feel just the word used to describe an experience there are feelings that come with the choice to love. Love is an action word, not an emotion like happiness, or being sad. Emotions change and when love is truly a factor it doesn’t change like the wind. I could be mad at someone, hurt or disappointed. It doesn’t change the fact that I love them.

Yet we live in a selfish world of instant gratification where most people aren’t taught how to have a relationship with people let alone be in a relationship with someone. As a result we are in a constant battle. A battle of the sexes, a battle of the Christians who practice abstinence and the Christians who see no problem with sex outside of marriage. There’s a battle of what is beauty and what it is not which leads to the battle of low self-esteem and a host of other things. However, if people would become less selfish and more selfless (giving instead of receiving) relationships on every level would be happier, healthier and more fulfilling. You have to know not only know your worth but be patient enough to learn and appreciate someone else’s.



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