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Who is Mindy A. Butler


In the world we live in it is not uncommon for a woman to dance to the beat of her own drum and be a trail blazer. Mindy A. Butler is no exception to today’s modern woman. She is a woman who wears many hats as she seeks to have an impact on everyone one she meets through both written and spoken words. As a writer and author of Wake Up America she uses her unique style of poetry to appeal to the heart and soul of her readers. Within this book not only does she share real life experiences but she also shares insight to the poems so that the reader may acquire a deeper understanding of the message being conveyed.

To some people, making a difference and helping others is a seasonal thing. For Mindy it’s simply a lifestyle and way of living. She is strong advocate for community and youth initiatives. For years, Mindy has hosted various outreach events which include Pizza in the Park, Sundaes on Saturday, Soup for the Homeless, and Christmas in July to name a few. Her most recent project is The Butler Foundation. In honor of their mother, she and Everett, her brother, established the foundation. Initially, they will provide a scholarship to college students who have been victims of murder and lost a parent like they have. As the foundation grows, they will offer a variety of scholarships.

Outside of writing and being actively involved in the community, Mindy has recently fell in love all over again with her first passion, music and poetry. In 2012 she started the “Wake Up America” tour with the theme “Let the Music Speak.” For details about the tour for 2014 and how you can book Mindy you can contact us at bookings@mindyabutler.com

Mindy has also been recognized both locally and nationally for her accomplishments. She has been in the National Geographic Magazine, the youngest female Recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Award from the Liberty Assoc. of Churches, and Recipient of US Army Medallion for Outstanding Leadership. She has also been in one foreign movie in her youth, several newspaper articles throughout her life, and has played the lead role in every play she been in since childhood.  Her latest accomplishment was receiving her PhD in Biblical Studies.



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