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The Cries of my Bleeding Heart

Me in Yellow


There have been times where I felt like my heart was crying. Maybe from a broken heart due to the lost of someone I loved. Perhaps it was because someone I expected more of was caught in the thicket of doing wrong when they know to do right. Other times it’s due to the broken state of America and the Christian body.  I’ve felt my heart bleed because it had been pierced by pride from some ego driven man that tells me he needs me, he can feel my love for him or me unintentionally pulling on his spirit but doesn’t want me because my breast and butt are too small and maybe my waistline was too big. Yet they’re minister of the gospel who at the same time will say it’s whatever God say while being driven by their flesh. Yet last night for the first time I found my heart crying and bleeding. So many that name the name of God and declare they’ve been changed are caught in a cycle of sin yet they have declared to be righteous.

I’ve seen ministries that are breathed by satan himself yet they claim to be in the will of God and serving Him. Yet my Bible tells me that if any man (human) be in Christ He is a new creature. Old things (the sin nature) are passed away and behold all things are new. It also states that if any man be in Christ he sinneth (on purpose continues to sin) not. For sin separates us from God! For these reasons my heart cries and bleeds for the body that they will wake up, fear God, and live the life of holiness we were commissioned to live.

I made a promise to God over 20 years ago that I would not compromise Him word. I told Him that I would preach the truth even when people didn’t want to hear it. I’ve been determined to dispel myths and expose lies so that the truth will be revealed and God be lifted up! The world needs our prayers.

A note from my heart…..

Dr. Mindy

I Met Jezebel


Earlier this year I met Jezebel. A week later he asked me to be his girlfriend. While I was flattered and even intrigued by his charm I told him without hesitation that wasn’t possible. I saw the selfishness which is the root of pride, arrogance, manipulation & control. I told him he needed to get over himself, be healed and that I needed time to see who he was. A person can tell you anything. Time reveals who they are.

So we talked a few weeks (off & on about 5 weeks) and I realized he was trying to manipulate me with his charm and was frustrated when he saw that didn’t work saying “I don’t know how to pursue a woman like you.” What he was really saying was by now I would have already slept with another woman & can’t figure out why you not falling for my tricks. Truth is, life has made me wise. I’ve seen so many things when it comes to men that I see past the flattery words. I know my worth & I value myself.  Although I do desire companionship & a family I’m not willing to have a man at any cost. Men tell me all the time they’re surprised I’m single. My response is always: It’s not that I don’t have men interested in me. I’m just not interested in investing my time in those that have approached me.

We as single women have got to value ourselves enough to not grab hold of whatever comes our way. I’d rather remain uncommitted and happy then committed and stressed with the life being sucked out of me.

Until Next Time…..

Dr. Mindy

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Dear Christians,

So many times I’ve asked people how they were doing & the response was “blessed” or “blessed and highly favored.” The truth is that is NOT a correct answer. How one is doing refers to their emotional state (happy, sad, ticked off, depressed, joyous, mad, etc). Me being blessed or highly favored is independent of how I’m doing. The fact that I’m blessed or highly favored doesn’t change with my emotional state.

There’s so many people in the church that speak church lingo but have no clue what they are say. Stop being a deep wonder and be real. The truth of the matter is when you’re not real with yourself and those that can help you come out of what you’re in you remain in that situation. So many Christians are hurting but live in a delusional world. They’ve been taught that life doesn’t bother us because we have Jesus on the inside. Despite the version or language my bible is Jesus was not void of emotions. #Selah

Having a churchy vocabulary & being deep all the time only say that you have the ability to appear spiritual. It doesn’t win souls, it doesn’t help you resolve whatever issues you are facing inwardly or with others. Nor does it resolved any issues you may have with someone else. In fact, most of the time what you are saying may sound good because you’re a Christian but what you’re saying may not even make sense and the person you’re talking to is thinking “what are you talking about?”

Let’s focus on the thing that matter. That’s being a Christian – not sounding like one.


Until Next Time….

Dr. Mindy