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Friends First



So many times people meet someone nice who makes them laugh and probably in the first two weeks have sex and end up in a relationship! Please don’t get spiritual on me thinking “I can’t believe she said that!” Let’s be real facts are facts. Most people sleep with whoever they’re “seeing” on the third date and yes that includes Christians because 80% of them are sexually active. Now back to what I was saying! So many base getting in a relationship off of the wrong things which is why a couple months into it they’re crying, stressed and wondering how they ended up with the person that gets on their nerves?

The answer is quite simply. You based your decision off a false sense of emotions (raging hormones, loneliness, low self-esteem, etc) that triggers happiness based on the wrong things which isn’t authentic. Most of what you’re feeling could have been avoided if you would have became friends first. A building can only stand and stand the test of time when the foundation is strong. Therefore, a relationship built on a poor foundation cannot last. However, when you take the time to get to know each other, see if you have the same goals, headed in the same direction and believe the same things you save yourself a lot of stress, heartache and time but taking time to become friends first. After all, they say friends make the best lovers and the healthiest happiest relationships are those who have a genuine friendship at the center of it.

Until Next Time…..

Dr. Mindy