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A Look Inside Me

My life has always been such an interesting journey from the time I was conceived. My mother had me at the age of 13 and for most of my life I was raised by my aunt who is only 12 years older then me. I know many of you are thinking “WOW” about now but that’s not even close to half of my story. For most of my life my biological father was in and out of prison and yes an absent father for most of my years. He is currently incarcerated where he has been for the last 12 years I believe and although I have known him my whole life I don’t know him.

In 2005 my mother was murder by a drug dealer who is walking free today because of what he thought not what he knew. By now I know you’re probably thinking “Can it get any worse?” It can but I’ll stop there.  Despite these facts and the other things I have experienced in my life there are two things that I am confident in. One being the God I serve and the other being that I was destined to do great things.  Not like “all of us are destined to be somebody” but the fact every since I was a child I always saw myself as a household name. Doesn’t every child you asked. NO! Many kids may have goals and want to accomplish something not all kid plays the leading character in school plays, not every kid says they want to be a world renowned author in the sixth grade or envision themselves being a writer for major artists. That was me – that was my dream and it still is years later. The difference in me many kids or people in general is that many say they aspire to do something, do something great or make a difference but only a handful of us hold on to that with ever fiber of our being. For many years of my life I didn’t go after my dreams because of fear and not knowing what direction to take. Now that I have changed my thinking to I am who I’ve always desired to be opportunity comes looking for me.

Most people think that ministry is the extent of who I am but the reality is its only the beginning. For a while I placed everything in two categories: Ministry & Business. Now, although I do business I see everything as ministry. What I do makes a difference in people’s lives both in and outside the pulpit. That’s true ministry. I have my supporters and I have the naysayers but I am determined come hell or high water that “no matter near or far – to the moon or stars I’ll do whatever I need to follow my dream.” Jazmine Sullivan

My Journey

I know I haven’t blogged in a while but since I’m feeling it I thought I would go with it. 


I made a decision to make some life changing (mainly in what I eat) recently.  I also, decided to focus on one thing in business and that’s INNERtainment. Which has been my desire since childhood.  Since I have made this decision despite what happens over the course of my day I am happy and feel good in my spirit.  I know many of you may be thinking “I thought you were doing that and fulfilling your destiny.”  Yes, I been walking in my purpose as proclaiming and teaching the word of God. BUT that is not the total sum of who I am.  INNERtainment to me is exactly what it says. INNER (SOUL) TAINMENT.  Helping people grow spiritually  and empowering and imparting into them to be better.  There are two main components of me doing INNERtainment.  Ministry and Entertainment (music, movies, plays, books, events and  consultanting in those areas.) All of these has been in me since childhood and as an adult I see it all as ministry. Why? Because the word minister is translated servant. Its beyond the pulpit and the walls of the church.  In doing this I’m serving others in some way. 


I have been declaring for months that this is my moment!  I’m just beginning to live in my D.R.E.A.M.  What I have accomplished so far is only a small fraction of what’s to come.  There are many people who have an opinion about what I should be doing with “MY LIFE” or what I am doing (wasting it in their mind). But the reality of the matter is one day in the near future they will see what I’ve been saying all along and its going to blow their mind.


Thanks for believing in me and following this journey I’m on. Until next time!