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The Price of the Anointing

ffc-praise party

So many people look at me, what I’ve accomplished and the titles I hold and draw conclusions about me based on those factors without getting to know me for who I am.  YES, I have a PhD; YES, I’m an ordained pastor; YES, I’m anointed and that anointing comes with a price. However, there’s one thing that many fail to remember – that I’M HUMAN!!!! Just like you! The only difference is how I choose to live my life.

I remember the day I got saved like it was yesterday although it was 24 years ago. Regardless of what people think of me good or bad – I’m not perfect. However, since the day I got saved I have been committed to my Christian walk and since the day I was called 21 years ago I have been committed to the call and anointing on my life.  I love God so much and it is my responsibility to safeguard that which God has entrusted in me. Yes, this anointing is costly.

No, I don’t have a story of God delivering me from drugs, sex, and alcohol. In fact, He spared me from getting caught up in those cycles. However, drinking is not the sin, the sin is in being drunk and for all your inquiring minds on rare occasions I might have a glass of wine. I remember being a teenager and a pastor telling me that I didn’t belong in the world and if I ever tried to fit in it wouldn’t work. Truth is, I’ve never been the one to go with the crowd whether the one trying to impact the crowd. That’s the price of the anointing.

The anointing comes with a sacrifice. That sacrifice first comes with laying self aside. Not forgetting about myself but putting others first because I have an assignment and those assigned to my hands need me to be in place and ready when our paths cross so that I can effectively minister to them what God put in me to deposit in them. The cost of the anointing means I gave up my freedom to do what I wanted to do. I realized at an early age that it wasn’t about me and I was called with a holy calling that requires me to surrender to will to God for my life. The anointing leads me to meet many people from all walks of life all over the world. Yet those I hold closest to my heart are few for I know and the Savior knows that they will help me to protect the gift in me, build me up and pray for me. The cost of the anointing means walking this journey with many along the path but only a few that actually walk it out with me.

There’s a lot of things I’ve never done, many experiences of life I was able to escape. At the same time, just like you, I’m human and life happens. I’m an emotional being who feels the hurt of my loved ones when they hurt. I have my own emotions that I deal with and although it may be a surprise to you I get mad and sometimes my blood boils from being so upset. Yet the anointing causes me to evaluate my emotions and not be/act in my feelings. See I realized that there are people looking at me and watching me whose name I may never know and face I will never see. YET God in His divine wisdom saw fit to connect us somehow. For that reason, I’m careful about what I do, careful about what I say and no matter where I am or what I’m doing I reflect Jesus Christ. No, I’m perfect. Sometimes I miss the mark. However, the anointing on my life is real. I don’t take it for granted. I respect myself, the call and the anointing to fulfill the call. So you may not understand why I do what I do or the decisions I make. To be honest with you, sometimes I don’t either. Yet, I know that God is with me. Leading me, guiding me, directing me and teaching me His ways.

So I gladly lay down myself, pick up my cross, and march forward all for the sake of Jesus Christ. The anointing is costly. In fact, it cost me my life. A life yielded to Christ. One where I’m transparent and not afraid to admit my wrongs or repent to the God of my salvation. I’m so grateful that He’s faithful and just to forgive me of my sins and that when He called me that calling was holy and He has positioned me in the Kingdom as He see fit.

Forever Favored,

Dr. Mindy


Thoughts on Kelly Price’s “It’s Your Time”

Kelly Price


I finally listened to Kelly Price’s latest song this morning “It’s My Time.” This song is the perfect example of Christians ministering through secular music. Now, I know some of you are thinking how is that possible while others think anyone not using their gifts inside the four walls of the church is being exploited by the devil. First, let me say just because we may not hear of what our Christian brothers and sisters are doing who have secular careers that put them in the public’s eye does not mean they are not lifting God up and using their gifts in the church also or having a positive impact on other’s life. On the flip side, everyone preaching the Gospel and choosing to be some sort of Christian artist does not automatically make them saved.

Now back to the song! This song is basically a personal declaration of faith to achieve what’s inside of her.  It appeals people from all walks of life & can be viewed as a gospel or secular song. In the first verse it says “Time has come now to refill it….I’ve been waiting for a long time…I gotta do it….I won’t let nothing hold me down…Gotta do it….‘Cause I might not get another chance….I believe it….That I want it, I can have it….I believe it.” Not only is Kelly declaring this in her own life but it’s been spoken into the lives of all that listen/hear the song. The Great Commission tells us to “go into all nations….teaching them to observe WHATSOEVER He’s commanded us.” God’s not is not mentioned in this song but what the Word teaches us is all up in it. The word preach literally means to proclaim. Looks like that’s what is taking place in this song and so many other songs sung by Christians who choose to sing secular music.

On a sidenote, may God strengthen Kelly & her family during this time as they mourn the loss of her sister Sakina Price.

 “It’s My Time….. I’ve been waiting for a long time”

Until next time….

Dr. Mindy

Mic Check, 1-2!!! What Happened to Love?

Wedding Cake

I’m unsure if anyone else feels the way I do at this very moment. In fact, the way I feel is hard to explain. However, I’m not going to attempt to  but perhaps you can understand with this question that keeps reoccurring. “Will you marry me” has definitely lost it’s meaning which means people don’t value marriage like they use to. I’ve been asked that question in the last 18 months more then I can remember to count. What does that say? Well, I’m sure some of you are probably thinking I must have been in several relationships & that’s how the question arose. That would be false. In fact, I wasn’t in a relationship with any of these men. Some I had just met and others  I don’t even know their names. I’ve had men ask me to marry them while walking down the street. I’ve had men ask me to marry them because they love the sound of my voice, I had a man ask me to marry him at Wendy’s recently. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to be asked that question by a man I love with the very essence of my soul & can’t imagine living without. However, I just can’t help but wonder what happened to love?

Once upon a time men where gentlemen and loved instead lusted. They knew their role as a man & was a provider instead of a leach. I’m not saying all men are like this. I’m simply saying, love today is not what it use to be.  Hidden agendas, secret families and identities makes it difficult at times to fall for the true person because you’ve met the custom version. In those cases it robs the individual from making the choice of taking a chance on what you have to offer or going the other way because they know won’t work. What happened to the time when love was just love?

To answer my own question, so many people are selfish so what they are looking for is not happiness in sharing their life with someone else but “I need someone to fill this void.” At times it’s pride that stands in the way of allowing nature to take it’s course. Other times it comes so quickly instead of embracing it – it slips away. Then there’s a lack of transparency and false expectations that leads to heartbreak, disappointment and sometimes shame. However, true love is not impossible although it may not come when you want it rather when you least expect it.

Love, life and happiness is what you make it to be. It’s deciding what you can deal with and who you can’t live without. Love is about sacrifice, selflessness, honesty, openness and enjoying one another. We can help who we fall for because they pull on our heart strings. It’s up to us to treasure them and cease the moment once we do.

Dr. Mindy A. Butler

Life is NOT About You

I believe that we are were created on purpose with a purpose regardless of how we got here. I believe that regardless of what that purpose is it entails impacting others and making a different. God created us to work with people and not independent of one another always looking to see how life & other people can benefit your own agenda. When your motive is pure then you will be more productive & have a greater sense of accomplishment.

I know “Life Happens” all the time. I know sometimes things don’t go as planned or work out like you would like for them to work. However, instead of getting frustrated with your vision and stop supporting others evaluate what is taking place or what took place and see how it can become better. Many times people are looking for a solution to improve and you may be the very one who has the answer. However, because you are so caught up in your own world, agenda and impure motives you become less productive and rob  yourself of making in impact in someone else’s life.

As you prepare to enter into 2014 make it a point to make a difference. The littlest thing to you can be the greatest thing to someone else.  Let’s end the year in harmony & start next year being selfless and ready to make a different in someone’s life.


Happy Holidays and many blessings!

Dr. Mindy

Pizza in the Park Outreach

Pizza in the Park Outreach


Pizza in the Park Outreach

Pizza in the Park Outreach


There are so many people that suffer from depression. They often talk of not wanting to get out of bed. That’s part of the problem. Sometimes your mood changes simply when you get up & start moving around. I know this to be true as many times I’m frustrated or not feeling well in my body & WANT to just lay in the bed. However, VISION gets me up. If fact, vision is what keeps me awake at times and going when it looks like things don’t change regardless of what I do.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been depressed. I do get frustrated often though for various reasons. However, in 2005 a couple months after my mom was murdered I was on the campus of WSSU in a computer lab. I was sitting there and suddenly I literally felt depression trying to attach itself to me. I immediately begin to tell myself that I was not going to be depressed. I begin to apply positive self talk & as quickly as I felt it come I felt it leave.

There are some things I don’t understand fully because I have never experienced it fully. However, I do know depression is a state of mind like frustration, unhappiness, sadness, etc. This season is known as the darkest night & and even though so many people feel they have no one to go to if you carefully examine your surroundings I’m sure you’ll find there’s someone there. Someone you can talk to, someone who believes in you, someone who will be there to listen or just lean their shoulder for you to cry on. We have so much to be thankful for when we open our eyes. So choose to be happy. Choose to put a smile on your face & know that you are somebody & loved by so many!

Get Up & Do Something

I’ve seen several times and I’ve heard people say that many battles are won on your knees. However, I disagree. In every battle that has ever been fought from the being of time to today there was/is someone giving commands and providing instructions for those that are fighting. Even in God’s word there were physical battles fought. Not a single war regardless of it’s nature was fought or won without taking action.


It is in prayer that we receive instructions on what to do and say. How we should proceed. Faith is far beyond just believing so in order to win any battle I’ve got to do more then just pray. Show me your faith without works I’ll show you my faith by my works! Check the wars in the bible, the war of 1812, the civil war, the gulf war, the war on drugs, the war on homelessness, the war on poverty the all require and show some sort of action.


Psalm 144:1-2 states “Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle; My lovingkindness and my fortress, My stronghold and my deliverer; My shield and He in whom I take refuge; Who subdues my people under me.” If there were no action required to win the battle then the Lord Himself would not provide training. In fact, the word declares that the Lord is a man of war Exodus 15:3.


So I want to urge you to get up off your knees, stop crying, and truly walk by faith. What has God commanded you to do while you were in prayer? Get up & do something about it!!!

I Finished My Course


It was about a month after I graduated with my BA in Business Administration when I preached the message “Keep the Dream Alive.” I was talking about Jacob and encouraging the graduates to reach for their goals. In that message I stated that within 10 years I would have my PhD. In what I didn’t know. It took me 5 years before I started working on my Masters; however, 8 years later I have obtained a PhD in Ministry.


Firstly, I’d like to thank God for being with me through this journey. There were some frustrating times and times I felt like giving up but I was determined to finish the journey I started and it was definitely God’s grace and wisdom that brought me to where I am. Secondly, I’d like to thank my mom. She was my biggest cheerleader. She was murdered a little over a month before I graduated from undergrad yet she was so proud of me. She always introduced me to her friends as a pastor even before I was ordained as she saw the call on my life. Mom told me once I should be a doctor. She meant medical doctor but when I looked at the process I wasn’t interested in going to school all those years and deal with some of the things they deal with. Yet, because she believed in me I kept my course and although I was burned out and tired of school after my Masters I pressed for the PhD. Thirdly, I’d like to think all those that truly believed in me and who celebrate these moments of achievement with me.  Lastly, I’d like to thank Chrisette Michele for making great music. Many nights I was up writing papers listening to her, getting revelations on my life and finding motivation that gave me the energy I needed to meet that midnight or 7am deadline.  Indeed she’s one of the greatest artists or our time and can sing the heck out of anything. She’s creative and classy! Grateful I got to meet her in person recently after the many tweets over the years 🙂 . Oh, I also want to thank Mrs. Darla Church. A teacher I had in high school. I’ve always been smart but  after taking the college Biology class in high school I wasn’t sure I’d do well in college. However, she encouraged me to go & assured me I’d be fine. Here I am 13 years later with a PhD. I could have been a medical doctor right?!?!? LOL

This journey I’m on is full of surprises and I’m enjoying the ride. Getting my PhD is far from the end of the story! Great things are to come so stay tuned and watch what God is going to do through me!


Dr. Mindy A Butler



My Thoughts on Better – Chrisette Michele’s New Album

Listening Party 6/10/2013

Listening Party 6/10/2013

When I started listening to the CD I started with the “In My Bed – Sleeping Alone” intro. I was curious what it was about because I spent my first & last winter in NYC cold & many nights wishing I had some body heat. Those of you that’s heard the CD knows Chrisette is talking about her experience during a break up in the intro. However, listening to “Get Through The Night” the first time I felt it was more metaphoric. The word night is symbolic of a dark place in one’s life & not always a time period during a day that is simply dark. So if one is simply waiting to get through the night they know when morning comes it’s going to be a “brighter day.” Morning doesn’t actually come when its bright outside but at 12:00:01am which is basically midnight. Midnight is a point of transition from darkness to dawn which is early morning. It’s the time you actually see the darkness leave & the day light come. That’s why morning is symbolic of a breaking forth. So the words “When I finally rise I will stand tall….morning won’t be like the night time. Can’t wait til sunshine. Can’t wait to my eyes open again. I know I’ll smile in the daytime” to me is saying if I can just get through this dark moment” /transition period I know that “tomorrow” (a new beginning) is going to be BETTER! We all go those times in our life. I just recently came out of a night season but I’m much better now & I’m definitely smiling again.

Months before “Better” was released Chrisette talked about how she was better, had been healed, etc. No doubt she’s a musical genius & the message in the music is different then before. As a writer myself, I know some compositions are directly or indirectly speaking about one’s life. So just as she stated this album reflects her being in a different place. When I purchased “Let Freedom Reign” I purchased the other two albums around the same time. It was then that I noticed the tone of the album matched they style of her hair. For example, when “I Am” was released Chrisette had long & flowing hair. That album has a soft tone. The way the Chrisette’s hair is now is simple an expression of her being free to express herself however she feels. Again, this is reflected in “Better” and was foretold in her song “If Nobody Sang Along.” “Would I take the time to write it? Would I say what’s on my mind? If nobody sang along?” Then she goes on to say “Maybe I need to just say what I want to say. Maybe I should tell my story. Maybe I should sing my song…….if I’d only write it and just say what’s on my mind. I’ll be all over your TV screen….. If I say what’s inside of me I might set somebody if I just be me.” I don’t watch TV (nothing deep, just prefer music & my laptop) but she’s definitely all over my news feed on Facebook! Lol

I first listened to Better as I was preparing to go to a meeting. So many thoughts went through my mind off lines I wanted to tweet but told myself I would be late for my meeting if I started expressing how much I liked the album or if I replayed another song. So I decided to blog. I’ve already said a lot so I’ll pull out my favorite lines another time. However, I’ll comment on the other two tracks that spoke to me & had my soul screaming, “Yes, that’s it! That’s how I feel.”

The first one is “Supa.” I definitely know what it’s like to feel like I have “An S on my chest.” However, just like Chrisette expressed in the song that although “I’m extraordinary” sometimes I just want chill & I need a man who will love me just the same in my sweats & T-Shirt as he will when I’m doing my thing. In fact, maybe 2 years ago I started praying for Chrisette to find a man that would love her for who she is & not “Who she is.” (one of which I emailed myself 🙂 ) Meaning, that he loves her the person she is – not who she has become. Although, we love who we are in the public eye, but at the end of the day after the day, after the interviews, autographs, and everything else comes with who we’ve become there must be a balance and he appreciates who we are &  not just in “Visual Love.”

The last song I believe is my favorite. I can’t get it off my mind because it captures how I feel at the moment. That is “You Mean That Much To Me.” This song is so deep and intimate. We all know that “Some people search high & low. For someone to make them whole. (because I’ve never met another man like D) So I’m not letting go. Cause you mean that much to me. Take all this love from me……here is my offering. (deep line.) Cause you mean that much to me. I’ll be your refuge be your sanctuary….” I’m done! Caught up in another world called love and “I’m not asking for much just “A Couple of Forevers.”

I love Chrisette. Her energy, her spirit, the fact that she puts God at the for-front in all that she does. “Better” is definitely Chrisette showing out and taking it to another level. I’m looking forward to whatever she has coming next & she definitely has my support.

Dr. Mindy A. Butler                                                                                                                       @drmabutler – Twitter                                                                                      bookings@mindyabutler.com


Three People in Life

This Morning as I was thinking it occurred to me that there are 3 types of people in our lives. Most people have heard that people are in our lives for a reason, season, or lifetime. I actually hate cliches and jumping on the wagon with everyone else. God gave us a brain to think for ourselves. Which is an entirely different topic. I get so tired of Christians using the excuse of “Whatever God’s will is!” Like I said, that’s a different topic and I’ll address it another time.
The first person in our life is a “place holder”. They are present in our lives holding the place of what’s to come. They’re good to hang out with and show you what you need or maybe what’s been missing. They resemble the missing piece, but they are not the missing piece.
Then you have the “Taking up space” person in your life. These people generally get on your nerves, you argue a lot, can’t get along and vex your spirit. They are trying to fill a role they were never meant to fill. That’s what there is an imbalance and no peace. Take a deep breath and give them to boot. You’ll fill lighter and happier.
Last, there is the embedded person. These people are in your life for life. They are there when you need them to be. It is always a joy when you see each other are talk. These are the people that are a phone call away.
Some take a moment and look over the people in your life. When they are in the proper place things will be and feel different for you.

Love Hurts

I’ve been wanting to address this topic for a while. Since I’m wide awake at 4:45 a.m. (5/5/12) I thought it would be a good time to write. Many people wonder why Love Hurts. Many people make the statement that if someone loves you they wouldn’t hurt you. Here’s the real truth. If love was not a factor- hurt would never be a result. Most      of the time the person that hurt you didn’t do it intentionally. The reality of the matter is it hurts because of your expectations or the way you view something. Meaning they  let you down or they didn’t do something that you expected or they told you the truth you wasn’t ready to accept it. Here’s another thing to consider, God places people in our life not only for growth and development but also to show us who we really are. Friends, family and love ones are like mirrors and when they have your best interest at heart they will tell somethings we don’t want to hear. They will tell us things not to hurt us but to better us. When these things happen we should not react in emotions but  rather in spirit. If they are incorrect it will rub our spirit the wrong way. It will alarm us something just ain’t right. But when they are correct peace or even conviction is the feeling we experience.  Most of this time people are not hurt by your actions that hurt by your words. Even if actions where a factor, words of some sort preceded the actions that led to the hurt. So why does love hurt?   If this person loves me then they show me who I am not because they’re mean, not because they’re upset but so I can be better. See God will bring those people to build us up, to revive us , to show us things differently, and to restore what has been lost. Yes God is the ultimate healer, the ultimate Redeemer, the ultimate deliverer; however, God uses people to cause these things to take place in life. God uses people to show His love toward us. He uses people as His instruments to add to your life. There is not one couple I can think of who didn’t have a fight, who never argued, who never disagreed; marriage isn’t perfect – relationships of any kind isn’t perfect. However, with God being foundation they were able to stand the test of time. Relationships and marriages are what the two people involved make them to be. Take time to access the situation before you start to cry and be held a prisoner in your own mind because someone hurt you!