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What Happened to the Body?

Often times I shake my head at the foolishness of man. However, the state of the church makes me sad, shake my head and wonder how can one say that they love God and a follower of Christ when their actions say otherwise?
I was listening to Steve Harvey this morning and again this thought came to me. If “the church” actually took time to look beyond it’s members, beyond it’s walls, beyond it’s agenda and got with the program of God – reaching all nations; they would be more impactful. It’s not about going overseas or being the largest church around, or known for having the best shouters, or dancers or the best praise team. It’s about reaching people where they are, giving them a message of hope, and helping them get connected and staying connected to the Father.
So many times the church is criticizing our brothers and sisters in Christ who have secular jobs (artists, radio hosts, actors/actresses, athletes, etc) yet they are doing what many of you say you want to do but not doing. They are simple reaching the masses through using the gifts and talents God has given them. Just because you don’t SEE them in the church, and they are in the lime light does not mean the devil is exploiting them. It does not mean they are not using their ability for the glory of God. It doesn’t mean that they are not seeking God for direction and their next move.
To be honest, I have no words for the state of the church other then they need to get their mind right. Too many are focusing on the minor while the major things are going unattended.  So many Christians are quick to say they don’t listen to secular music yet they watch secular tv. So many can not wait to tune-in to Scandal which could very well have the same effect as music. I am careful about what I listen to – as long as my spirit is at peace, I’m good. I’m not a tv watcher not because it’s demonic, but because I don’t have time to waste watching things that don’t propel me forward. I’d rather be working on a project and listening to music. Yet the body of Christ somewhere got things twisted and got away from the original plan God had for man. To have relationship with Him. Clearly all of our relationships are going to look different because we each are made up of a different experience.
Our brothers and sisters in Christ who are working a secular job just like many of you & have made a name for themselves are putting the “church folk” to shame. The church is busy judging and they are busy healing. The church is busy tearing people down and they are busy mending wounds. The church is complaining about not reaching this generation but they are reaching them. What Happened to the Body? The church needs to take self inventory and really get with what God is doing.  

The Seed Within

lemon-seedsAs I was drinking my morning cup of lemon water I realized there were a number of seeds in the bottom of the cup. Not only that but there were small pieces floating in the water. It was then that I was reminded that everything has a seed within it to reproduce itself. Every fruit, every vegetable, every animal, every living organism, every person and yes every church!

It is the law of nature that God set up for everything to have the ability to reproduce. Yet, so many times the seed is wasted. Maybe it’s lying dormant as a seed can’t be planted until it surfaces and becomes exposed somehow. Perhaps your seed isn’t producing anything because it hasn’t been planted and if it has maybe the soil doesn’t have the proper nurturance to cause germination that cause reproduction. Maybe your seed is part of the third group which my lemon seeds fall in. I’m just going to throw them away.

So many times we as people and the church just throw away the seeds we have instead of planting them and causing them to grow. My dreams will never become a reality if all I do is “dream.” Everyone that ever accomplished anything wasn’t because they were doing nothing – they took action. Yes, sometimes things “just happen” because we are at the right place at the right time. How did we get there? It’s not because we stayed in the comfort of our homes or spent hours upon hours praying. We went to a place, met someone, took a different route, shared our goals, did some research, created a plan and submitted it to God. It may SEEM to have come from nowhere – but the truth is some type of planting took place. Ultimately is started in your mind. The law of attraction or as the stated in the Word “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he” Prov. 23:7a.

Seeds are for reproduction. Anytime that is not happening something is wrong! Maybe the seeds are being wasted or the ground is not fertile. Whatever the reason, it needs to be examined so that you can produce the harvest you were created to produce!


Mindy A. Butler

Becoming W.E.I.R.D. Excerpt

The Snake in the Grass


This morning as I was getting dressed the thought came to me to beware of the snake in the grass. The snake is an deceptive animal as we see in Genesis.  There are people that will come into your life seemingly being what you desire or who you need to connect with. The reality is that a snake is subtle and just as quickly as it appears it will disappear. Normally a snake has its own agenda and regardless what you say or how you respond to “it” there mission is what’s on their mind.

Many times people get caught up in the beauty of a thing neglecting the reality of what it posses. A snake is poison and sometimes deadly. Yet instead of being wise as it is as we have been command you choose to fall prey to it. It is then that its attack is launched and it squeezes the life out you it. You really should pay attention to the company you keep. A snake provides warning in its hiss yet you want to think it’s funny, cute or a game. Then you end up devastated wondering what happened.  Pay attention to the red flags. Pay attention to the details. RUN!!!!

If I Were A Begger

If I was a Begger would you look at me the same?
I sit against the wall you pass by & judge but don’t know my name.
I look like you but I look like them too.
All you see is my exhaustion as I observe you.
If I was a begger would I have all that I do in my hand?
Sad you’re so busy you don’t know your worth.
Yet you criticize don’t realize I’m only in disguise.
If I were a Begger tell me what would I need?
You’re seeking man while I seek the King!
You chase I capture.
Shaking your head at me yet I have what you need.
Peace in the mist of it all.
Yet you missed the blessing simply because you thought I was a Begger. © 2013 MABE

My Driving Force


Call me crazy if you like – or maybe your definition of what I do is lazy and unproductive.  If that’s the case then you truly don’t understand what I do nor have you taken the time to see what I do.  I am constantly amazed at how people are afraid to dream and then bash others who are not just dreaming but going after their heart’s desire.

Over 19 years ago when I  was laying in the bed God gave me a vision of me being a pastor and that has manifested.  For over 25 years I have enjoyed the nature of various writing styles and being a published author is only the beginning of what I desire to do with my ability. 12 years ago when I was a freshman in college God spoke to me one day & told me my degree wasn’t for the business world but for ministry. When I started pursuing the business path in middle school it was for one reason and one reason only. The potential money I could make.  Yet somewhere along the way God called me to full time ministry.  In my adult life I haven’t even worked a full year for someone.  Those 8 months I spent working a conventional job literally drained the life out of me.  I hated going to work and I was often frustrated.  Sometimes I still get frustrated and I am moving those items out of services that I offer.  However, there is one thing I know is true – everything I do I look at as ministry because I desire to make an impact in someone’s life.

You see  – I do what I do out of my love for God.  I do it because I know He has called and anointed me for the place I’m in.  I do what I do not to get a pat on the back or to please man but I do it unto the Lord.  My books are a tool God uses to speak to the hearts of His people so that they can grow, be healed, delivered and gain knowledge they did not have.  They even minister to me as I am only the hand God used to write it.  A line from my poem “My Life is a Struggle” says “I didn’t choose this path it chose me.  A complicated melody played by the Great One inside of me.”  I can’t imagine doing anything other then what I do. The thought of turning from what I know God has required of me literally turns my stomach and causes my spirit to cringe.  At the end of the day I don’t believe God is going to say “Mindy you didn’t work” as working is defined as anything you do for any amount of time with or without pay.  Rather I believe He will say “You have finished the course. Well done my good and faithful servant.”  The word tells me in Romans 4:5 that my faith is counted for righteousness.  Therefore, I will continue to press and push toward delivering what God has impregnated inside of me.  He alone is my driving force.

Is This Your Field?


This field is 3-4 miles away from where I live. Year after year it and many others grow but are never harvested. The Bible tells us in Matthew 9:37 “Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.” So many times Christians talk about those that are unsaved and doing wrong verses showing them the love of God and helping them come into the true knowledge of Jesus.

Only 10% of Christians share their faith and witness to others. If you are one of the 90% that’s no then you are in violation of The Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20.

Its disheartening that those who say they love God so much keep Him to themselves and don’t make an attempt to rescue others from the life of destruction they live. Joel 1:11 states ”
Be ye ashamed, O ye husbandmen; howl, O ye vinedressers, for the wheat and for the barley; because the harvest of the field is perished.” I don’t want to be ashamed on earth or in heaven because of my failure to be a light and a witness in a dark place. What about you?

Strength Within

Earlier this year I published a book called “Strengthening Your Innerman – 90 Day Devotional.” Unlike most devotionals each day builds upon the previous day and each chapter the previous chapter. Therefore, the book is a spiritual workout much similar to a physical workout thus your innerman is strengthened.

As a Christian everything I believe, teach and practice is based on my spiritual beliefs. There will come a time when each of us feel we can not go on. We will feel hopeless and frustrated in our spirit. Like what we’re doing is not good enough and want to give up. In that insist, don’t give up – fight! When I’m overwhelmed with work and people doubting my dreams there is one thing that gives me strength. That is the word of God which is Jesus Christ (John 1:1) who abides in my heart. I am comforted by the fact that GREATER is He that’s within me then he that’s in the world. (1 John 4:4) I am encouraged to know that ALL THINGS work together for the good of them that are THE CALLED according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Here’s the thing most people fail to realize: God created all of us with purpose and destiny in mind. Its up to us to lay hold of it, claim it and possess it.

I am so determined and its up to you to have the same determination that no matter how the situation looks, no matter who says what about you or it that a better day is coming. You have to get your mind right, encourage yourself and be the best you can be for you. In that everyone else will eventually have to take notice of the greatness that you possess.

You can purchase Strengthening Your Innerman as an e-book at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Mindy-A–Butler?keyword=Mindy+A.+Butler&store=allproducts or the hard back at http://booksbymindy.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/2474900

Thanks so much for your support and comments. I hope you all have a GREAT week!

It’s Not the End

At this very moment in time my spirit is indeed elated and rejoices at the work of the Lord. Some months ago I was ready for to transition from where I was to where I’m going. As a result I began to seek God and express my heart’s desire. Since I was a child my desire has been to be famous and known for my authorship. I am indeed moving in that direction of becoming a household name. Yet God’s plan is greater then what I imagined.

All of you who have a dream and a vision – hear me clearly. Speak life when it appears to be dead. Believe and declare what’s in your spirit even in the mist of doubters. Because despite what it looks like know that “Its Not the End.”

Here’s the things believers who are not vision minded fail to realize. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. Hebrews 12:2 Therefore, what you and I are believing God for Jesus Himself put that faith in us. Our faith originates with Jesus. As the author of it He is the one that pens it! As the finisher of our faith He is the one who completes it and brings it to past. Everyday God is showing Himself strong and mighty in my life. I am closer today that I was last month or last week to fulfilling my heart’s desire.

So no matter who’s for you or against you GREATER is He that’s within you the he that’s in the world. Hold on to your faith and watch God show up in your life!

You Don’t Know Their Story

From the streets of Atlanta, Georgia to the trains of New York and many places in between I have seen things that to many of us seems unreal and unheard of. I’ve seen people barely covered sleeping on the street and under bridges. I’ve seen people blind trying to make it, I’ve seen people broken, depressed and hungry. Not only are these people experiencing natural hunger but many of them are spiritually hungry. The thing many of us fail to realize is that they are human, unless we ask, we don’t know how they got there, and they have a story just like the rest of us.

This weekend I met a woman that had 10 children, two of which were murdered (from what I made out), walked the streets, lived with her mother and was biting the plastic ice cream sticker off side of a truck. I was baffled….This happened while I was searching for some money to give her. Yet here’s the thing many Christians don’t do. That’s meet the needs of the people. That’s true ministry. I’ve talked to people that are homeless because their house burnt down and yes, there are some who just simply choose to live in the streets or from house to house. Jesus calls us to have compassion. So before you assume how anyone got to there they are – search your heart and ask God how can you help them get to where they are going!

Living My Dream

Most of you THINK I’m exactly where I want to be doing exactly what I want to do. The truth is I’m on a road called Destiny moving in the direction to be where I desire to be doing EXACTLY what I want to do. What I do currently is only a small portion of what I desire to do and some of it isn’t even what I desire but I’m doing it until I reach the point I do desire.

Although many people think that I’m crazy and that I’ll never get anywhere in life doing what I’m doing the reality is I’m walking by faith and not by sight. The reality is its easy to throw the towel in and go do something that makes me sick every time I think about it. Its easy to say I haven’t arrived yet so let me give up. But I would be foolish to do such a thing. For the first time in 7 years my business is stable to where I have clients I provide a service for on a monthly basis. For a while it was I would get a project here & there and then nothing. Again, that’s were faith comes in at. Its believing in the things you can not see (with your natural eye) but knowing that you have obtained it because its the evidence of things unseen. I believe in myself if no one else does (which is not the case). I have a plan that no one can see. I’m working on something greater then what can be snatched away in a moment and shipped somewhere else. I’m working on leaving a legacy, making my mark and providing my future children with the life experience I didn’t have. Don’t get my wrong. I didn’t grow up poor at all. Some think I grew up rich because we have a brick house and basketball court in the backyard. I just desire to give them a better life.

Even in my dreams, even with all that I’ve accomplished and working to accomplish sometimes I get frustrated because its “seems like” things aren’t progressing and falling in line as I desire then too. However, not just my hope, but my trust is in the Lord. As I was expressing some things on my heart recently I heard the Lord say “It’s Not the End – Only the Beginning.” So with that being said no matter what it looks like and who’s against you “It’s Not the End” and God promised to give you an expected end! Hallelujah!