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About MABE

Please take a moment to learn more about the components of MABE:


  • Faithfilled Ministries
  • The vision for Faithfilled Ministries (FFM) was given to Mindy A Butler in 2004. The justification of this ministry is faith along. Faith is: A Firm foundation (Matthew 21:42), Accepting Christ (Matthew 18:2-5), Instrumentally Inclined (2 Timothy 1:6), Trusting God (Psalms 9:10; 18:2), and Hope Romans (8:24 – 25, Psalms 42:1-3).It is through F.A.I.T.H. that the visionary has lived a life that demonstrates doing God’s will no matter the cost or the questions it may raise.The objective of FFM is to cry loud and spare not so that all may be healed.

  • Jehovah Jireh Innertainment
  • Unlike most Entertainment companies our objective is beyond entertaining but to bring glory to God.  This will be accomplished through not compromising the word of God and providing entertainment that consist of “INNERTAINING.”
  • This is transitional houses to help re-establish families and prepare people for entering and re-entering the workforce and providing them with sound teaching that will strengthen their innerman.

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Advertisers’ Express is a publication that give businesses an organizations the opportunity to advertise their business/organization or event at a cost effective rate.  We  also offer Ads on our site. The banners have 2 sizes.  At 6 months & beyond, you can change your ad up to 2 times.

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 Books – E-Book Available at Barnes & Noble

  • Strengthening Your Innerman for Teens 30 Day Devotional – 

  • Woman in the Mirror: 30 Days of C.H.A.N.G.E. Pre-Order NOW
  • Upcoming Min Min Said Series:
    • Min Min Said “Not Nice”
    • Min Min Said “What Shape is This?”
    • Min Min Said “What Color is This?”
    • Min Min  “Give Thanks”
    • Min Min Said “Christmas is for Christ.”
  • He Doesn’t Love You – TBA
  • From Being Single & Satisfied to Being Married & Content  – TBA
  • Follow Me to Calvary – TBA

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Our Entertainment component focuses on mainly two areas: Musical entertainment were we work with various artists and family friendly events were we focus in INNERtainment through events that we host and planning events for others. We have custom made packages for any event to fit any budget. 


We offer consulting for small businesses, individuals, and non-profit helping them to create plans & give their vision a heartbeat.  Workshops are also provided focusing on Business, Marketing, Financial, Action, & Strategic Event Coordination.  See flier under “News” for other topics.

We also offer consulting services to where we advise people in business, about their business or those looking to start a business or non-profit.

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DREAM:  Youth Enrichment

Programs & Tutoring

Objective: To increase life skills and to improve academics, decrease disciplinary dropout rate and teen pregnancy and to motivate and develop the participants into tomorrow’s leaders.

The Vision: To train youth how to be self-motivated and to pursue greatness that will enable them to reach their full potential in life. 

The Mission: To empower and impart knowledge into the lives of our young people that will cause them to be self-sufficient and a great asset to society. 

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Empowerment Speaker

  • Schools –  youth empowerment & motivation to excel & dream.
  • Empowering youth –  think outside the norm & dream big.
  • Singles –  defining what it means to be single, holiness in singleness, Knowing who you are women
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
    • Woman in the Mirror
    • Behind Every Diva
  • Seminars
  • Business Training and Development


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