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Reach Beyond the Break

                 Frayed Rope

In life, each of us have times we feel like we’re barely holding on. We feel like we’re at our wits end, and regardless of what we do nothing seems to change a situation. However, I want to encourage you today to reach beyond the break. Life happens to each of us. Things don’t always go as planned. Tragedy strikes! Finances change! People turn on us, and let us down. But even in the mist of feeling at our lowest point where we’re about to break, we must realize that things have to get better. We were built to endure. Life happens to make us stronger. Life happens in order to teach us, and grow us.

So regardless of what is going on in your life right now, reach into your innermost being and find strength to reach beyond the point you feel like breaking. Get your mind right! Shake yourself! Dance a bit! Scream! Cry! Pray! Now get up, dream again, and get moving! Someone is counting on you! Someone finds their strength in you, and you don’t even know it. Hold on with everything you have because a better day is coming!


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Don’t Live Life on Stand-by

So many times people live their lives watching to see what will happen in someone else’s life. They base their decisions on what someone thinks about them. Yet all the while they desire to do somethin else. So they live their life standin by not what they believe but by what someone else thinks, wants or desires for their life to be. This is living a life in bondage because it’s not living the life you were created and designed to live.

There are many people who feel I should not do what I do. They feel I’m out of order, going against what they bible has declared. Yet, there is an anointing on my life and a preacher that lives in me. For me not to preach, teach and prophesy is equivalent to me denying that there is a God. In the same manner, I’m just as anointed to write and I have an ear for music. Not to pursue my dreams and be afraid what people think equally denies that God is at work. It also causes me to live standing by to what someone else thinks.

We must not wait for someone to tell us that we’re great! We must already believe that we’re great! We must not live our lives bases on the opinion of others but what’s innate for us to do. To live life on stand-by is living a life of regrets. It’s a life of shoulda, coulda, woulda! So take the limits off and reach for the unreached. Obtaining the which seems impossible to obtain. Know that you’re a force to be reckoned with and will no longer  just stand by & watch life  happen around you!