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The Cries of my Bleeding Heart

Me in Yellow


There have been times where I felt like my heart was crying. Maybe from a broken heart due to the lost of someone I loved. Perhaps it was because someone I expected more of was caught in the thicket of doing wrong when they know to do right. Other times it’s due to the broken state of America and the Christian body.  I’ve felt my heart bleed because it had been pierced by pride from some ego driven man that tells me he needs me, he can feel my love for him or me unintentionally pulling on his spirit but doesn’t want me because my breast and butt are too small and maybe my waistline was too big. Yet they’re minister of the gospel who at the same time will say it’s whatever God say while being driven by their flesh. Yet last night for the first time I found my heart crying and bleeding. So many that name the name of God and declare they’ve been changed are caught in a cycle of sin yet they have declared to be righteous.

I’ve seen ministries that are breathed by satan himself yet they claim to be in the will of God and serving Him. Yet my Bible tells me that if any man (human) be in Christ He is a new creature. Old things (the sin nature) are passed away and behold all things are new. It also states that if any man be in Christ he sinneth (on purpose continues to sin) not. For sin separates us from God! For these reasons my heart cries and bleeds for the body that they will wake up, fear God, and live the life of holiness we were commissioned to live.

I made a promise to God over 20 years ago that I would not compromise Him word. I told Him that I would preach the truth even when people didn’t want to hear it. I’ve been determined to dispel myths and expose lies so that the truth will be revealed and God be lifted up! The world needs our prayers.

A note from my heart…..

Dr. Mindy